My story

Between garage and electronic workshop 

I come from a modest family

I stopped studying very early to help my parents

When I was 15 I walked into a car garage to learn a trade: mechanics.

Being very young, my role was to do some light tasks for adults.

Two years after my uncle who worked in a fuel distribution company with a car garage inside,

took me under his wing.

a year later my boss, an employee in this company, had a parallel garage and ended up settling there as his representative.

I stayed there for four years before meeting Moussa an electronics expert who transformed my life.

Moussa was a very equipped video game repairer (generators, oscilloscopes …)

I often came to watch him work, I listened to his discussions with other technicians, although I couldn’t understand a thing. I watched them and listened to them religiously without understanding the terms used.

I came every day at 6 p.m. after the garage closed and stayed until 10 p.m., so in the morning in the garage and in the evening with Moussa.

This is where I started my first creations: a radio made with recycled parts:

An intercom installed at the door of our house,

An FM transmitter to broadcast music in the neighborhood

02 years later I am going back to school for training in electronics and computer science.

I repaired almost all electronic devices

I participated in the installation of the first fablab in Senegal

To conclude, I would say that learning by doing based on spotting is very important.

I was a specialist in electro-mechanics and my only secret was to take benchmarks.

Before disassembling a mechanism, I marked the intersection between the different gears.

This is why I ask learners to observe well, to take cues, notes to facilitate documentation.