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Finding gears late- Revisiting making with a purpose

Papert’s fascination with gears relates to his childhood learning development due to his interpretation of mathematics in the gears’ inherent mechanical properties needed for them to function correctly. Nevertheless, that fascination existed because gears also had a direct relationship with understanding how automobiles operate, which was a topic of immense interest for Papert when he… Read more »

Biotinkering 101

Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development. Kofi Annan Over the years I have tried often how I can work in a fablab or a makerspace sustainably, the answer came last year when I discovered the DIY-Bio movement. What is DIY BIO? “Is a… Read more »

After reading “The Gears of My Childhood”

After I finished to reading “The Gears of My Childhood” by Seymour Papert, it made me think of what I learned from this article during my masters degree. In Thailand, this article  is widely discussed especially among constructionists in Thailand. From what Seymour had learned from gears, I had found liberation of thinking and learning…. Read more »

E ala! E alu! E kuilima!

Up!  Together!  Join hands! Teachers are at the heart of my fondest memories of my primary and secondary education.  Ms. Neet, Ms. Kala, and Mr. Akana were my fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers, respectively; Mrs. Harbottle taught music in grades four through eight; Mrs. Melahn taught me seventh and tenth grade math; Mrs. Huch… Read more »

Making means head and heart. Not just hands.

Can you recall the secret thrills of your childhood? The deep fascinations that enraptured you across worlds? We might call them obsessions, fixations, or phases — as doomed to end as the passing of seasons — for even as much as I was filling my room and imagination with dinosaurs, I never became a paleontologist…. Read more »

Reflection on “The Gears of My Childhood”

The title The Gears of My Childhood written by Seymour Papert raises many questions and sparks as I reflect on my own life experiences, both of my own childhood experiences and being an educator experiencing my student’s learning experiences. The word Gear metaphorically meant to me a slight push that put things in motion for… Read more »

It is Easy to see

Many times in my childhood, I was misunderstood not only by my caregivers but also by my peers. My teachers, who I view as my destiny makers also misunderstood me in some instances. Life and education in the upcountry back then was an adventurous experience accompanied with the bliss of childhood memories; such as those… Read more »

Who killed our inborn maker culture?

What kind of toys do your child play with? Who chooses those toys for your child? Kenya Universities today, over 50,000 Engineering students graduate annually but how does this translate to actual productivity? This is no different from most African countries. Very little manufacturing is taking place locally and this has contributed to among other… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Club at the Polo Educacional Sesc in Rio de Janeiro

Teaching Artificial Intelligence in K-12 education through educational robotics and remote learning: the role of students and the mobilization of the school community “ Studying is not an act of consuming ideas, but of creating and recreating them. ” (Paulo Freire) The motivation to teach Artificial Intelligence in K-12 Education As it is an increasingly… Read more »