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Having high financial resources does not guarantee the teaching and learning process

I have been asking myself more and more about ways of conceiving learning. I have recently visited Recife, the capital of a northeastern state in Brazil    and their Municipal Department of Education and got to know up close what they have been doing in the field of teaching programming and robotics. In conversation with several… Read more »

Online teacher training in Mathematics Teaching: Maker Education and STEM Approach to Promoting Active Learning

This personal report is related to the context of Brazilian schools, but I believe that some of the issues I will raise in this text dialogue with other realities. ***** At the end of this year’s first semester, I was invited to organize teacher training[1] workshops for Mathematics teachers from public schools in the Brazilian… Read more »

Experiencing a powerful idea – LOGO

“The universe cannot be read until we learn the language in which it is written. It is written in mathematics, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word.” – Galileo Galilei The universe is a source of basic geometric shapes, we discover… Read more »

Quilting the Young Coders

  The word programming has been used to spread the fallacy that it is the ‘languages of computers’, foreign and hard to read, disconnected from other subjects, and takes years to learn. Maybe this is how sometimes the “experts” use abstract terms while introducing the learners to this concept of programming. According to Seymour Pappert… Read more »


Part 1: The Purpose of Education Introduction. A group of state leaders led the efforts “to develop the Common Core State Standards … in 2009” (Common Core State Standards Initiative, n.d., p. 1), with the release of the final English language arts and mathematics standards in mid-2010. By 2015, “42 states, the Department of Defense… Read more »

IN YOUR HANDS Emancipation of manufacturing

INTRODUCTION“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a famous proverb used across the world and in 2020, it correctly came to play when countries and regions’ supply chains were disrupted if not completely cut off. Everyone wanted to do something, to offer solutions and so were the innovators and the makers and this is the… Read more »

Digital quilting around the world using

The ability for teachers and learners to contribute, learn from each other and remix is a powerful shared experience for all involved. The process provides opportunities for individual interpretation and expression of ideas. Through the introduction of the Lynx patchwork quilt project, the FabLearn Fellows were given just this opportunity and tasked with designing at… Read more »

Why are schools the only ones that are immune to modernity?

‘Currently, it is important that teachers and students understand that they can contribute to the effective use of technological innovations in different formats and on different occasions, as well as new ways of using them in activities and projects in the classroom.’ Debora Garofalo – Teaching Collaborative Programming – a Creativity Adventure Using Lynx With… Read more »