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It is Easy to see

Many times in my childhood, I was misunderstood not only by my caregivers but also by my peers. My teachers, who I view as my destiny makers also misunderstood me in some instances. Life and education in the upcountry back then was an adventurous experience accompanied with the bliss of childhood memories; such as those… Read more »

Who killed our inborn maker culture?

What kind of toys do your child play with? Who chooses those toys for your child? Kenya Universities today, over 50,000 Engineering students graduate annually but how does this translate to actual productivity? This is no different from most African countries. Very little manufacturing is taking place locally and this has contributed to among other… Read more »

My story

Between garage and electronic workshop  I come from a modest family I stopped studying very early to help my parents When I was 15 I walked into a car garage to learn a trade: mechanics. Being very young, my role was to do some light tasks for adults. Two years after my uncle who worked… Read more »

VLOG 001: Where Are All the MakerEd (YouTube) SuperStars?

I’ve been looking for maker educators that are using video to tell the story of making and makerspaces in schools and haven’t been having much luck finding any. (Please share links if you have them) So I am starting the DesignMakeTeach YouTube channel to fill the gap and work on scaling up MakerEd to a… Read more »