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Making means head and heart. Not just hands.

Can you recall the secret thrills of your childhood? The deep fascinations that enraptured you across worlds? We might call them obsessions, fixations, or phases — as doomed to end as the passing of seasons — for even as much as I was filling my room and imagination with dinosaurs, I never became a paleontologist…. Read more »

It is Easy to see

Many times in my childhood, I was misunderstood not only by my caregivers but also by my peers. My teachers, who I view as my destiny makers also misunderstood me in some instances. Life and education in the upcountry back then was an adventurous experience accompanied with the bliss of childhood memories; such as those… Read more »

My story

Between garage and electronic workshop  I come from a modest family I stopped studying very early to help my parents When I was 15 I walked into a car garage to learn a trade: mechanics. Being very young, my role was to do some light tasks for adults. Two years after my uncle who worked… Read more »

FabLearn Fellows – Winter 2020/2021

So there’s a lot happening behind the scenes with the FabLearn Fellows! The new cohort is starting to meet, virtually, of course. New blog posts and videos will be coming soon. We are in the very early stages of planning Volume 3 of the Meaningful Making book series. And the previous cohorts of FabLearn Fellows… Read more »

Three Things being a Maker Educator has Taught Me

In 2008 at my school ‘De Populier‘ we started with the ‘masterpiece’ project. It’s the last course before our students do their national exams. It’s a typical maker style course: students can make whatever they want as long as there is a challenge. They have to challenge themselves. It was the start of our maker… Read more »

#MakersOfColor – Diversity in Maker Education

Makers of Color sharing their stories about the importance of diversity in making and maker education. #MakersOfColor A curated Makers Of Color playlist is available at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNzMzi6xJyxQRIzZIDhWaDonb4Hh2ni6U Suggestions for videos to add to the playlist are welcome. Share your #MakersOfColor story with @DesignMakeTeach on Twitter. Contact me or leave a comment if you would like to be… Read more »

[Meaningful Making] Podcast Episode 1: Design Make Teach

Meaningful Making Podcast w/ the FabLearn Fellows EPISODE 1: THE DESIGN MAKE TEACH EDITION Hosts: Daniel Schermele, Josh Ajima, & Sam Phillips Welcome to Meaningful Making – a brand new podcast brought to you by the FabLearn Fellows where we try to unpack the world of maker education, share constructionist best practices, and illuminate incredible work… Read more »

Papert’s 8 Big ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Lab- Translated into French

“Les 8 principes du Laboratoire constructionniste d’apprentissage. Par le Dr. Seymour Papert (1999)” Original English version here   Le premier principe est l’apprentissage par la pratique. On apprend tous mieux quand l’apprentissage entre dans le cadre d’une activité qu’on trouve vraiment intéressante. On apprend le mieux quand on met en pratique ce que l’on a… Read more »

Papert’s 8 big ideas traslated to Catalan

8 grans idees darrere del Laboratori Construccionista d’Aprenentatge Extracte de la tesi doctoral “An Investigation of Contructionism at the Maine Youth Center? de Gary Stager 2007. La primera gran idea és aprendre fent. Tots aprenem millor quan l’aprenentatge és una part del fer alguna cosa que ens sembla realment interessant. Aprenem de la millor manera… Read more »