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FabLearn Fellows webinar – guest Gary Stager

Watch this FabLearn Fellow webinar with special guest Gary Stager. Gary spoke on the topic of “Constructionism and Teaching.” We covered a lot of ground in this webinar including: constructivism, Seymour Papert, changing teaching practices, what makes a good project, use of kits, documentation, making as more than just “hands-on,” makerspaces vs. classroom integrated making… Read more »

Informal Maker Programs Make Deep Connections

Ten months ago, I left the familiarity of the formal classroom setting in pursuit of practices in constructionism, free of the tyranny of standardardized testing and a one size fits all curriculum.  While driving from coast to coast and back again, I visited some truly inspiring makerspaces. From the woods of New Hampshire, to the… Read more »

seyMour’s puBlic enTities, eDith’s maKe-ing conVersation & DeSign ReViews

“Learning … happens especially felicitously in a context where the learner is consciously engaged in constructing a public entity.”   Seymour Papert “Papert is interested in how learners engage in a conversation with [their own or other people’s] artifacts, and how these conversations boost self-directed learning, and ultimately facilitate the construction of new knowledge.”  Edith Ackermann… Read more »

Around the World with the 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab

The FabLearn Fellows have started to create translations of the Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Laboratory by Seymour Papert into various languages. In 1999, Seymour Papert, the father of educational technology, embarked on his last ambitious institutional research project when he created the constructionist, technology-rich, project-based, multi-aged Constructionist Learning Laboratory inside of Maine’s troubled prison… Read more »

Papert’s 8 big ideas traslated to Catalan

8 grans idees darrere del Laboratori Construccionista d’Aprenentatge Extracte de la tesi doctoral “An Investigation of Contructionism at the Maine Youth Center? de Gary Stager 2007. La primera gran idea és aprendre fent. Tots aprenem millor quan l’aprenentatge és una part del fer alguna cosa que ens sembla realment interessant. Aprenem de la millor manera… Read more »

8 grandes ideas Papert’s Eight Big Ideas translation to spanish

8 grandes ideas detrás del Laboratorio Construccionista de Aprendizaje Extracto de la tesis doctoral “An Investigation of Contructionism at the Maine Youth Center” de Gary Stager 2007. La primera gran idea es aprender haciendo. Todos aprendemos mejor cuando el aprendizaje es parte de hacer algo que nos parece realmente interesante. Aprendemos de la mejor manera… Read more »

The Problem with Standards in Public K-12

I recently read ‘Measuring What Matters Most: Choice-Based Assessments for the Digital Age’ by Daniel L. Schwartz and Dylan Arena. It’s not about maker ed but its first degree cousin ‘game based learning’. One problem it touches on is the standards, which are also a significant hurdle for maker education in public K-12. The compulsory nature… Read more »

Thinking about 3d Geographical Representations

As a history teacher, I work with maps. I work with students to see how maps can help them understand events. I work with students to read maps. And I work with students to help them make maps.  As we look toward one of the big projects of the 8th grade year, National History Day,… Read more »