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My Journey to Becoming a Maker Educator

I have been a maker educator for over 5 years now, and all the while, I was also a maker learner. I am still learning and that will continue in this amazing experience. My journey as a maker educator started with a vision and dream that I shared with a great friend and colleague, Juliet… Read more »

Drawing: a visual language for Makers

Drawing is like writing, using pictures instead of words.  It is a form of communication that can be useful, expressive, descriptive and observational.  It provides form to visual ideas.  Including drawing as part of the process of making things is fun and provides a good framework for understanding 2D and 3D design. Enclosed is a… Read more »

The power of Making what you can Imagine

Several years ago while while teaching an upper level drawing class I noticed that some of my students were struggling to understand 3D space on the 2D drawing plane.  In an effort to help these and future students, I reimagined a way of keeping track of studio projects based on where they might be organized… Read more »

A “Resolution” for 2015

by Keith Ostfeld I HATE using the term “New Year’s Resolution.” It carries so much baggage with it and it tends to be some BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal – for those who read certain business books) that feels seemingly impossible come January 1 and so ends up being dropped within the first few weeks…. Read more »

Leadership in Constructionist Learning. (from Constructionism 2014) The video clip that we presented in Constructionism 2014 in Vienna. Our CEO of the education and learning development in Thailand, Mr. Paron Israsene, shared his learning point from being top leadership of the project since 1997. The project in Thailand in the early stage called the Lighthouse Project which evolved to be the Candlelight Project later onin 2013… Read more »

Maker Family Day in Bangkok Thailand

Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) promoted continuous learning both home and school by using making as a tool to help parents learn about their child. Making makes learning as a living and makes living also as a learning. Dsil provides workshops for parents throughou the year both in parenting and learning to help parents… Read more »

Nerdy Derby Racing for Thai Teachers in Bangkok EDUCA 2014

35 teacher participants enjoyed learning by doing experience with Nerdy Derby Racing in the biggest Education Expo in Bangkok, Thailand. This expo is an annual expo on education that provided workshops and seminars for teachers from all schools throughout Thailand. Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) provided a 3 hours workshop in this event. The workshop aimed to give… Read more »

Hacking the Life Sciences Classroom

I recently helped to coordinate a “hackathon” with the Rockefeller University Science Outreach Program in part to address these questions: How can “making” or “STEAM” play out in the Life Sciences classroom? What role can digital design and fabrication tools have in the Life Sciences Classroom? How can physical computing tools and creative coding contribute… Read more »

A little holiday historic making

I have some trouble thinking about the 1970s as far back in history, but the White House History twitter feed gave us this gem last week: Betty Ford’s holiday card from 1975 included a pattern for a home made holiday orniment, the Clothespin Cardinal. So, as a historian and a fan of making, I sewed… Read more »

An Argument for STEAM as the Trojan Horse for ”Making”

“…in the real story of the Trojan horse, it wasn’t the horse that was effective, it was the soldiers inside the horse. And the technology is only going to be effective in changing education if you put an army inside it which is determined to make that change once it gets through the barrier.”  … Read more »