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Pitt Rivers Museum – Oxford England

Hi all, I wanted to share a cool museum experience from my travels. The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, England was one of the most interesting museums I’ve visited in a long time. It’s organized so differenty than anywhere else – by theme, rather than by time, culture, or other more common organizing principles. So… Read more »

What I’m Reading

A few weeks ago, someone on the K-12 Digital Fabrication Google Group pointed out that there are some similarities between teaching making and teaching reading. There was a conversation about the “whole language” movement from the 1980s as well as Nancy Atwell and Laura Robb’s Reading Workshop model of teaching reading. I knew nothing about… Read more »

“Making” in California K-12 Education

In schools, “maker” education has been typically known for many years as hands-on project based learning (PBL). While “maker” education continues to deepen its roots in small pockets of the nation’s private education, the introduction and implementation of “making” into California public education still has a long road to go. Efforts are underway to provide… Read more »

Watching Children Learn

One of the most meaningful things that I get to do as a teacher is to watch my students learn. What makes it most exciting and interesting for me is observing this learning through their eyes and their contexts. I have several Flip Cameras located in the classroom long with my Point and Shoot camera and the… Read more »

Three lessons learned about making in classroom

I spent the last 3 years, among other things, working as learning environment designer at Laboral Art Center Gijón, Spain. The art center has a fabLAB that is used for artistic production as well as education and research LAB by several public schools in the region. What I do exactly is to help teachers from… Read more »

FabLearn Not Quite End of Year Posts

The past few weeks on the FabLearn blog have been really spectacular – interesting, informative, and inspiring! I was going to do a roundup of posts — but there are just too many, so let’s get some action going on commenting and sharing out. This is a week many educators are off of work, sometimes… Read more »

The Role and Rigor of Self-Assessment in MakerEd

What is Self-Assessment? The purpose of teacher driven assessment is to measure whether a student is ready to move on to the next topic in a given curriculum. Often this translates to the next chapter of a text book. If the student passes the teacher’s assessment, the next step in her education is given to… Read more »

Making for Change

In the Nairobi Fablab, I have personally seen that hands-on making is life-changing. However it can be difficult to measure impact and as such it is difficult to quantify the successes of the process. But I am particularly curious about the making in the context of the developing world. I feel the impact of the… Read more »

3D Printing in Kenya

Two years ago, the first 3D printer arrived in Kenya at the Nairobi FabLab. Since then, the trend has caught on to the point of people owning personal printers. I know the world is years ahead in terms of 3D printing but Africa is full of surprises! In December 2014 I made a presentation at… Read more »

Of Feet, Fleas and 3D Printing

I have been involved in many projects during my time at the Fablab in Nairobi and I personally enjoy those that leverage technology for change and development. I am most interested about the space for technology in development because I feel it is in this space that making is most needed. I believe very much in… Read more »