“SpaceBox” and Children Learning Space in FabLab Bangkok

Fluke in a Thai TV program, sharing about his project and first draft of “SpaceBox” project.

His “SpaceBox” from 1 km above the ground and Fluke was sending off the helium balloon with his team.

I recently discussed with one of my student, Thunpisith Amnuaykiatloet (Nickname Fluke). Fluke won the third prize in cube sattlelite design from THASA (Thai NASA). It was a wonderful news to all of us at our school. Fluke is a happy, outgoing and energetic student. We always have fun discussions about his new ideas for inventions.

For technical wise, his project is called SpaceBox (mini). He designed this small cube sattlite that can communicates with a base by radio frequency(RF) communication system. Inside this mini cube consists of controller board and sensors such as global position system (GPS), pressure and biometric sensor, accelerometer sensor, temperature sensor, etc. This cube sat. was actually launch by Helium balloon which can float and lift up at 1 kilometer above the ground.

This project was a part of his individual research in his 12th grade. He made many engineering projects in the past such as his “Cloudbot” (his version of quadroter) in 2011 and “iDrive” (his version of segway that he made when he was in grade 10) in 2012.  He started off with gogo board for his Cloudbot and iDrive.

And now this project has inspired other younger students, 7the and 8th graders, to learn how to make cube sat. (in 2015)

Cube Sat Project (2015)