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“I saved the world…multiple times!”: the powerful impact of youth teaching younger children and their peers STEAM-related activities

This is a guest blogpost by our talented Tufts University Tisch Summer Fellow, Michelle Nguyen, who conducted research with Boston’s Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn program.  Annually, our teen youth teachers teach 700+ children at over 25 community organizations. We have high expectations that our youth always exceed.  As our program name suggests, we… Read more »

Sweet Tweets: Remixing the Electric Cuff Activity

As a maker-educator, I love Twitter and have many Twitter maker friends who inspire my practice. Recently, my Twitter friend @joshburker (who recently published a rockin’ maker guide you definitely want to buy!) did a light-up electric cuff soft circuit project with his senior citizen technology group at the library. This past summer, we made… Read more »

Toward Making Change: Beyond #BlackLivesMatter (Three: Using Design-Thinking, Collaboration & Hip Hop Culture to Plan Activities)

This is the third of a series of posts documenting the progression of a collaborative project at the South End Technology Center @ Tent City supported by the Harvard Graduate School of Education Dean’s Equity Project.  The goal was to create a safe and creative space for high school and college youth to explore their… Read more »

Silhouettes – Old and New Technology of Portraits

In August, while I was thinking about for a simpler laser cut project to teach Inkscape and the laser cutter in my 8th grade history class this year, I happened upon two things at about the same time. One was a blog post by Sylvia Martinez about starting the year with making ( and the… Read more »

Making Middle School Science

In 2011, I became the 5th and 6th grade science teacher at the Hillbrook School. That same year the school undertook an audit of the science program for areas of strength, as well as areas for improvement. Simultaneously, the Next Generation Science Standards, emphasizing problem solving and engineering, had just been released, and that spring… Read more »

Advanced MaKey MaKey: Remapping Pins

The MaKey MaKey is a popular microcontroller that makes it easy to use any conductive object as an interface for a computer. When you plug a MaKey MaKey into a computer, the computer thinks you plugged in an external keyboard and mouse. So triggering the sensor inputs on the MaKey MaKey just sends keystrokes or… Read more »

Launching Boats

I once heard teaching compared to the act of launching boats.  I love the visual evoked by that metaphor. Could we think of the work we do in our makerspaces a similar process to preparing for, and ultimately taking off on a self-guided journey? Students captain the ship and teachers watch from the shore. Learning… Read more »