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Rube Goldberg, YouTube, and the Archimedes Screw: Hidden Drivers of Pedagogic Transactions

In Edith Ackerman’s paper “Hidden Drivers of Pedagogic Transactions: Teachers as Clinicians and Designers,” she shows that as teachers take on the role of clinicians (facilitating communication around a problem) and designers (imagining and creating a safe learning environment for exploration and negotiation of old and new thoughts), a pedagogic transaction takes place between the… Read more »

FabLearn webinar with guest Tony Perry of the Lehmlson-MIT Invention Education program

We are pleased to share a recent webinar with guest Tony Perry, Invention Education Coordinator at the Lemelson-MIT Program that celebrates outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention. Tony shared the goals of the program and current opportunities for young people in their Invention contests and programs. Justin Brown,… Read more »

Circuit stickers: electronic circuits made of copper tape

Circuit stickers are electronic circuits made of copper tape cut with a vinyl cutter. It’s a very easy and extremely cheap way to create your own circuits. In this blog post you will find the information on how to use this technique. Idea The idea to build circuits made with copper tape is not a… Read more »

How fablab in Copernicus Science Centre works?

One of my duties in Copernicus Science Centre (Warsaw, Poland) is to develop and maintain our in-house fablab. A lot of people ask me how to start a makerspace in school, classroom or somewhere else. There are tons of great guides, articles, how-tos you can find on the web. Here are some good resources which… Read more »

Makers Course Outline – our starting point

We started with the Makerspace Playbook. Wait, that’s not true, we started with me becoming a Resnick groupie and traveling to Boston to a DML conference to meet him. The rest is a lively, scrappy history of my team and I carving out space at a rural public high school for a maker space, connecting… Read more »

#MakersOfColor – Diversity in Maker Education

Makers of Color sharing their stories about the importance of diversity in making and maker education. #MakersOfColor A curated Makers Of Color playlist is available at Suggestions for videos to add to the playlist are welcome. Share your #MakersOfColor story with @DesignMakeTeach on Twitter. Contact me or leave a comment if you would like to be… Read more »

Presenting Mamadou Diallo’s Pitcher : the Magic glove

Diallo Mamadou

For all those who are used to making presentations with slides, you have certainly used several methods to move from one slide to another. So far, the most commom method to perform this task is to do it directly from the PC. This is a useful technique when projection equipments are close to the one… Read more »

An open source and Low Cost all in one computer


 Pi-COMP is a all-in-one computer composed of a central unit ( Raspberry Pi) interconnected with a flat screen from recycled computers . The objective of this project is to design and build a low-cost computer replicable locally and easily. Since computers are still expensive for most of users in developping countries, Pi-COMP is a Low… Read more »

0 Things: Diversity, Opportunity & 3D Printing

0 Things is a call to action for students, educators and makers to design and share 3D models that celebrate diversity, social justice and equality. Even with over 2 million things, searches of popular 3D printing repository Thingiverse often find 0 relevant models for topics related to identity, heritage and culture. Each empty search is… Read more »

VLOG 001: Where Are All the MakerEd (YouTube) SuperStars?

I’ve been looking for maker educators that are using video to tell the story of making and makerspaces in schools and haven’t been having much luck finding any. (Please share links if you have them) So I am starting the DesignMakeTeach YouTube channel to fill the gap and work on scaling up MakerEd to a… Read more »