Author: Josh Ajima

Josh Ajima is a technology resource teacher at Dominion High School, a public high school, and the Loudoun Academy of Science, a magnet science program, in Sterling, Virginia, United States. He has advocated for grassroots adoption of maker based learning in the classroom. He has a particular interest in 3D printing for education and has served as a member of the Make magazine digital fabrication review team. In 2015, he helped establish a digital fabrication lab at the Loudoun Academy of Science. In 2016, he served as team lead for Dominion High School’s winning proposal for the US Department of Education’s CTE Makeover Challenge. Ajima holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Virginia.

Othermill Linoleum Stamp

This is a quick project journal entry to document creating a linoleum stamp on the Othermill Pro. I have been trying to figure out workflow and some project examples to share with teachers on the use of desktop CNC machines in the classroom. One of the advantages of CNC machines is that they can utilize… Read more »

Reinventing the Makerspace Starter Kit

One of the most popular resources on my blog is the Makerspace Starter Kit. It is designed to empower educators to claim space in their instructional area for learning by making. I give out the kits at my workshops to motivate and inspire educators to action. I ask educators to plant a Makerspace seed… Read more »

Lesson Plan: 3D Printed Lithophane

I submitted the following, Lesson Plan: 3D Printed Lithophane, as a last minute entry into the FormLabs: Innovate and Educate Challenge in hopes of winning a Form 2 resin 3D printer. Entries composed of a lesson plan pdf and related STL files were required to be posted to Pinshape. My lesson is posted at The Form 2 has been… Read more »


I need help! My maker projects are in chaos. Three years of designing, making and sharing 3D designs and makered projects have left my computer files and basement workshop in a mess. I’ve always been a packrat (collector?). When I first started building computers and working in TechEd, having the right cable or spare part was important…. Read more »

My FabLearn Fellow Application

Here is my FabLearn Fellow application which I’m posting as a reference for a reflection piece at the end of the fellowship. It might also be useful for folks interested in applying for the program in the future. The FabLearn Fellows application itself was fairly straight forward requesting basic contact and job info as well as… Read more »

I’m a FabLearn Fellow and So Can You!

Woot! I’m excited to announce that I was selected as a Stanford FabLearn Fellow. While I’m very proud to be a part of the Fellows cohort there isn’t anything magic about being selected. I’ve posted my application at 2016/07/09/fablearn- fellowship-application/. (I also applied in 2014 and wasn’t selected.) The FabLearn Fellows program isn’t an… Read more »