Author: Josh Ajima

Josh Ajima is a technology resource teacher at Dominion High School, a public high school, and the Loudoun Academy of Science, a magnet science program, in Sterling, Virginia, United States. He has advocated for grassroots adoption of maker based learning in the classroom. He has a particular interest in 3D printing for education and has served as a member of the Make magazine digital fabrication review team. In 2015, he helped establish a digital fabrication lab at the Loudoun Academy of Science. In 2016, he served as team lead for Dominion High School’s winning proposal for the US Department of Education’s CTE Makeover Challenge. Ajima holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Virginia.

What’s in Your Makerspace?

A common question I hear from fellow maker educators is, “What’s in your makerspace?” My school is one of 10 winners of the US Department of Education’s CTE Makeover Challenge so my answer is much different this year than last. In total, we won $50,000 in cash in prizes in addition to the existing hardware provided… Read more »

Giving a Makerspace

Today, my friend Nichole Thomas @MrsThomasTRT and I gave away a Super Deluxe Makerspace Starter Kit to a colleague. @DesignMakeTeach #lcpstrts helping TRTs. Maker space starter kit presentation. — Joe Schwarz (@eLearnVL) January 11, 2017 Nichole and I hosted an Edcamp style session on makerspaces at the December meeting for Technology Resource Teachers (TRTs) in… Read more »

Mystery Artifact Lesson

What is this object? What does it do? What is its historical significance and value? You are professional appraiser brought in as an expert by shows such as Antiques Roadshow, American Pickers and Pawn Stars to determine the value of an unknown artifact. Your job is to research the object and give a 3 minute… Read more »

WIP 003: All About Sharing

Problem: How do students share their 3D designs with the world? I’m a 3D printing enthusiast in the world of education and believe me when I say I understand the challenges of classroom implementation. Design / Printing / Sharing How to have each student contribute? Screenshots, Tinkercad embeds, Sketchfab, video, renders. Edith Ackermann Tribute: FabLearn… Read more »

Design Challenge – MLK 2017

Thingiverse recently added MLK as a Featured Collection on their front page. Designs in a featured collection received huge increases in number of views and downloads. The problem is that the collection only features 3 designs and 2 of them are mine. When I first wrote about this issue  in 2014, there were 0 relevant hits… Read more »

Giving as a Core Value

Whenever I go to a conference or a maker event, I bring gifts. A small topo map of Virginia for the FabLearn conference, makerspace starter kits and business card flashlights for education conferences or personalized gifts for fellow makers at Maker Faire. I’m lucky to have access to a makerspace filled with shiny tools. The… Read more »

WIP 002: Flexy Tree

Here is another Work in Progress post. Text file is filling up with ideas. I’m using iA Writer to post a draft directly into WordPress which is pretty cool. Saves a step or two though I do need to work on learning markup. Question: What DigiFab device should I take on vacation? Answer: Othermill CNC… Read more »

WIP 001: Stamp Attack

Warning: This post documents Work In Progress. If you want a polished product, this is not the post you are looking for. Learn more in WIP 000. Welcome to WIP 001 a first step in journaling my progress in all things #DigiFab #FabLearn #MakerEd #makerspace. For those interested in the details. I’m drafting the text of… Read more »

WIP 000: Work in Progress

Sylvia Martinez, head cat wrangler for the FabLearn Fellows, says to post more stuff. She says that it doesn’t need to be perfect, just jot it down and publish. Unfortunately, this ethos doesn’t fit with my normal workflow. A typical post on my blog involves a lot of work. Steps include brainstorming a project,… Read more »