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A makerspace for next to nothing

“How should I start makereducation?”  That is a question MakerEducators hear often. As did my co-Fablearn fellow Josh Ajima. He answers the question on his site: THE MAKERSPACE STARTER KIT. While I was writing this blogpost Autodesk’s website www.makingstartshere.com was published. A website which – as you might probably guess – answers the posed question… Read more »

How Do We Scale Up MakerEd?

What is the essential question that drives your work as a FabLearn Fellow? I spoke with Chief FabLearn Fellow Cat Herder, Sylvia Martinez, today. It was a mix of status report, pep talk and kick in the pants. In core maker educator mode, it doesn’t matter what the student has accomplished up to that point… Read more »

Stuff for Cutting Cardboard

My daughter’s class is doing some sort of maker project and the teacher asked for students to bring in stacks of cardboard. To be helpful I grabbed a few shears from my personal makerspace and sent them in. The next day I was looking through a bin of odds and ends and ran into a… Read more »

What’s in Your Makerspace?

A common question I hear from fellow maker educators is, “What’s in your makerspace?” My school is one of 10 winners of the US Department of Education’s CTE Makeover Challenge so my answer is much different this year than last. In total, we won $50,000 in cash in prizes in addition to the existing hardware provided… Read more »

Giving a Makerspace

Today, my friend Nichole Thomas @MrsThomasTRT and I gave away a Super Deluxe Makerspace Starter Kit to a colleague. @DesignMakeTeach #lcpstrts helping TRTs. Maker space starter kit presentation. pic.twitter.com/51WKKErqMf — Joe Schwarz (@eLearnVL) January 11, 2017 Nichole and I hosted an Edcamp style session on makerspaces at the December meeting for Technology Resource Teachers (TRTs) in… Read more »

Mystery Artifact Lesson

What is this object? What does it do? What is its historical significance and value? You are professional appraiser brought in as an expert by shows such as Antiques Roadshow, American Pickers and Pawn Stars to determine the value of an unknown artifact. Your job is to research the object and give a 3 minute… Read more »

Giving as a Core Value

Whenever I go to a conference or a maker event, I bring gifts. A small topo map of Virginia for the FabLearn conference, makerspace starter kits and business card flashlights for education conferences or personalized gifts for fellow makers at Maker Faire. I’m lucky to have access to a makerspace filled with shiny tools. The… Read more »

Reinventing the Makerspace Starter Kit

One of the most popular resources on my blog DesignMakeTeach.com is the Makerspace Starter Kit. It is designed to empower educators to claim space in their instructional area for learning by making. I give out the kits at my workshops to motivate and inspire educators to action. I ask educators to plant a Makerspace seed… Read more »