Swarm Intelligence and how it relates to Making, Design Thinking, and Creativity….


A couple of years ago I attended the 2014 WESTAF Cultural Policy Symposium, co-hosted by the California Arts Council and Gehry Partners. It had a rock star line-up of big brains talking about creativity, many of them referred to STEAM education, Makers education, and creativity. Today I was reminded of one speaker in particular of an idea that was so striking to me that it continues to resonate, Edward Clapp from Project Zero. It filled the room for me. Today I saw a visual image from one of my colleagues that brought it to the front of my brain. It’s a worthy read from Edward P. Clapp at Project Zero. Here is the to his paper, and the video (which isn’t great):


And here is a link to a similar set of ideas from Jennifer Oxman Ryan, a Researcher and Project Manager at Project Zero.