Presenting Mamadou Diallo’s Pitcher : the Magic glove

For all those who are used to making presentations with slides, you have certainly used several methods to move from one slide to another.

So far, the most commom method to perform this task is to do it directly from the PC.

This is a useful technique when projection equipments are close to the one presenting but it becomes a challenge when he is far away from it.

Secondly, the person presenting can also benefit from the help of another person. He can signal that other person to pass to the next slide whenever he is done with the ongoing slide. This is also an option but clearly, this is not very convenient either.

Thirdly, one can use a pointer laser, a small pen-like that you can click on to move on to the next slide.

The young Mamadou Diallo looked into these issue and decided to design « the Pitcher » which is a ” magic glove ” that allows you to move from a slide to another during a presentation. With Mamadou Diallo’s Pitcher, there is no need to move, or press a button or ask for the help of someone else anymore because you can change slides by simply touching your fingers ! In fact, the Pitcher is equipped with sensors that are connected to the computer. Moving to the next slide or going back to the previous slide can be controlled at your fingertips !!


Yes I know you want to know how it works and how he did it ….


Mamadou Diallo Pitcher Kit

Pitcher Box to be plugged to you computer

Wear the Pitcher’s Glove

Mamadou Diallo’s Pitcher Kit