Makers Course Outline – our starting point

We started with the Makerspace Playbook. Wait, that’s not true, we started with me becoming a Resnick groupie and traveling to Boston to a DML conference to meet him. The rest is a lively, scrappy history of my team and I carving out space at a rural public high school for a maker space, connecting it to our existing metal and woodshops, the art department, the County Office of Education, and our private sector community. At this point in time, we are still needing to be very scrappy in order to survive, as well as being part of a Statewide network of 8 Career Technical Education programs recognized for their interdisciplinary curriculum.  It’s the public school dichotomy of perpetual justification and recognition of excellence.

I’ve attached the course framework we developed and implemented when we started our adventure. It lists the Playbook in the supplemental materials section. Have at it, just perhaps attach the correct attribution if you use it. It comes from the Innovation Design Institute at Arcata High School in Arcata, California. Authors are Jason Sidell and Anne Bown-Crawford.
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Makers Course Outline