Introducing to the procedural Design


“ProcJam (For Procedural Jam) is defined as “an international “game jam” where people make things that make things. These “things” can be software that generates images, stories, or game levels. They could also be physical projects, such as a board game with dynamic layout, a wind chime (thing that makes music), or a set of rules on how to draw something”.

During two days, members of Defko Ak niep FabLab (Dakar, Senegal), youth from our community as well as the wider ProcJam community worked together and shared ideas with each other.

Day one:


Participants get into the spirit of ProcJam through a series of exercises and examples demonstrating techniques for procedurally generating drawings.

First, they begin drawing by hand on paper, and then started to make similar drawings in a web browser using the JavaScript programming language.

Day two:


Participants produced their own procedural projects.  Following the introduction on Day 1, they came in with their own ideas and realized their procedural project individually or with a group.

One thing interesting is that people with knowledge of design and JavaScript made themselves available to assist and help out other participants with their project conceptualization and realization.

Watch the Video:

These two days gave participants, with different backgrounds, the opportunity to learn the basics of code writing using JavaScript as well as some other modern design fundamentals.

Please visit the following link to see the ProcJam productions:

A special thank goes to David Wicks, for his willingness to share with all the participants his knowledge and experience on JavaScript programming language.