FabLearn Webinar – Assessment strategies for maker courses

We are pleased to share a recent webinar led by Daniel Schermele with several FabLearn Fellows in a conversation about assessment strategies for maker courses. The conversation included:

  • Intent of assessment / why do we teach specific content
  • Types of assessments
  • Backwards planning vs. self-determined education
  • Why do we assess? Accountability or just part of an antiquated educational system?
  • What should we be assessing? Standards vs. skills. Knowledge vs. Information
  • How do we assess?
  • Using a product as assessment (when the process is really what’s important)
  • Testing
  • Individual vs. team
This webinar will also be available as part of the FabLearn podcast series Meaningful Making at meaningfulmaking.simplecast.fmIf you want to have the latest episode of Meaningful Making delivered to your phone / computer the moment it’s released, please subscribe through a podcast app