FabLearn Conversation with Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert – Making in the time of COVID-19

In this video conversation, Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert speaks with Sylvia Martinez about how the DSIL Fab Lab in Bangkok Thailand is working with local hospitals and medical professionals to design, prototype, and build aerosol boxes for COVID-19 patients. These acrylic boxes are placed over a patient during procedures requiring close contact, reducing the chance of disease transmission. In this conversation, I talk with Nalin about how this project got started and what they have been learning along the way.

Resources (provided by Nalin)

Facebook site for DSIL (much is in Thai, but Facebook translation is not too bad)

DSIL Innovation and CSR for Covid-19 Warriors Project – Nalin’s account of the timeline and process of designing the boxes. Includes design files.

More about Nalin
Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert is co-founder and senior vice provost of Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) in Bangkok, Thailand and a Senior FabLearn Fellow. She works as a learning designer, trainer and director of a social enterprise project to scale up Constructionism and Digital Fabrication for Learning in Thailand.

More about FabLearn
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