Coping with the challenges of our political aftermath – in our classrooms….

It’s been a tough couple of weeks here in the States.  We are all reeling with what happened in our election, what could happen during the next 4 years, and how do we tease apart all the reasons that this was allowed to happen.
I believe my role as a teacher, first and foremost, is to nurture the development of a student’s mind and spirit through their connection to the arts.  I am committed to ensuring that all my students receive the support and inspiration that it takes in order to fully realize their potential, whether they are studying science, programming, engineering, or/and the arts.
A main goal in my classrooms  is to help lend my students agency, help them develop their voices, help them realize and shape their power as individuals.  My students are not trapped behind desks feeling powerless, they are makers, and are thus empowered.  They are given the opportunity to get to work, creatively, striving even harder to make the world their own, better – because we, as adults, have evidently done a piss poor job of that so far.
Simply having this cohort gives me a sense that we can work with our students to reshape the world – it’s that process of trying, and doing, that is so very important.