Building a New Makerspace – Resources

I was recently asked to give a presentation and makerspace tour for a learning environment conference hosted at my school. The audience was architects, furnishing sellers, edtech distributors and Virginia educators currently in the process of planning new building construction and major renovations. I assembled a short list of resources that I thought would be valuable in the process.

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Please leave a comment saying what resources you would add or remove from this list.

Reference Guide 6 page summary ($) – Consider this the SparkNotes guide to makerspace planning suitable for principals, school board, PTA, board of supervisors. Covers lots of ground in 6 pages for folks that aren’t going to read a whole book.
-Making and Makerspaces in Education

Essential Reading List
-Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom 2nd Ed.

-Meaningful Making: Projects and Inspirations for FabLabs and Makerspaces, vol 1& 2

-The Space: A Guide For Educators

-Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration:

-Safer Makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM Labs: A Collaborative Guide

Makerspace Playbook

Starting a FabLab

CTE Makeover Challenge Bootcamp

MIT Edgerton Center: Makerspace Resources for K12 Educators


Virginia DOE Safety Resources
-VDOE Safety in Science Teaching (2018)

-The Safety Best Practice Guide for CTE