Author: Wojciech Karcz

Wojciech has a background in Materials Science and Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology. He works as a local FabLearn program coordinator in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, Poland. Besides building the first educational Fab Lab in Warsaw, he also develops a whole range of maker activities and hands-on workshops for students. Wojciech is an active member of maker movement in Poland. He organizes a whole bunch of different events like Arduino/Genuino Day, Maker Show, hackathons/make-a- thons in order to encourage the others to make and tinker. In his spare time, he makes things, teaches art students how to use new technologies and brews craft beer at home.

How fablab in Copernicus Science Centre works?

One of my duties in Copernicus Science Centre (Warsaw, Poland) is to develop and maintain our in-house fablab. A lot of people ask me how to start a makerspace in school, classroom or somewhere else. There are tons of great guides, articles, how-tos you can find on the web. Here are some good resources which… Read more »