Author: Kevin Jarrett

Kevin Jarrett has fourteen years of K-8 experience designing, building and leading elementary & middle school technology programs (including screen-based technology education and STEAM - Makerspace - Design Thinking experiences). As Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, he has led countless workshops and institutes at local, state, regional and national education conferences. In 2016, he was named as one of twenty Stanford Fablearn Fellows, a diverse group of global educators advocating for maker-centered learning in schools worldwide. He currently consults full-time for educational institutions across the country, specializing in development, implementation & support of maker-centered learning programs and the hands-on, minds-on learning spaces in which they thrive.

Built to Last?

I try not to look at my old elementary classroom / lab / makerspace (sic) when I walk by these days. It doesn’t look like this, anymore: I have only been gone a year (I now teach in our middle school – in the same district and building). The space has since been repurposed (made… Read more »

The Day I Met Edith Ackerman’s Beautiful Mind

She sat, alone, at the table in front of the auditorium, fielding questions after her mesmerizing keynote at Fablearn 2016. An audience member pondered: “I’m interested in the nexus of purpose and play, as someone who works with numerous students, I think the idea of getting people to make and be creative is critically important… Read more »

Parrot Minidrones, Tickle & Tynker: A Lesson in Edtech Economics

We have been using the now-discontinued Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrones in my district for a few years now. They do not require FAA registration, are relatively inexpensive, amazingly durable, easy to program and fun to fly.  As you can see in the photo at left, these devices can really captivate and engage learners of all ages as… Read more »

Fablearn: the most amazing conference you (probably) never heard of

Them: “What are you up to this weekend?” Me: “Going to San Francisco for a conference.” Them: “For the weekend? What conference?” Me: “Fablearn, at Stanford.” Them: “What’s ‘Fablearn’?” Me: “Well, it’s…” And so went many conversations as Fablearn 2016 approached. It would be my second time attending, but the first as a newly-minted Fablearn… Read more »