Author: Heather Pang

Castilleja School, United States - 8th grade history teacher at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, CA

Middle School Sewing Elective Version 2

I co-teach a sewing elective for middle school students. This is the second version, the first ended in some frustration, so we stopped offering it for a while, and I went on to be part of other electives. This year we resurrected the idea, and I am co teaching with a colleague (great fun, and… Read more »

Challenges, Constraints, Competition?

Stick with me, this is a bit of a long story to get to some things I am thinking about in terms of making in the classroom. I can now check one thing off that bucket list, I won a blue ribbon at the San Mateo County Fair. (What, that is not on your bucket… Read more »

Thinking about 3d Geographical Representations

As a history teacher, I work with maps. I work with students to see how maps can help them understand events. I work with students to read maps. And I work with students to help them make maps.  As we look toward one of the big projects of the 8th grade year, National History Day,… Read more »

Silhouettes – Old and New Technology of Portraits

In August, while I was thinking about for a simpler laser cut project to teach Inkscape and the laser cutter in my 8th grade history class this year, I happened upon two things at about the same time. One was a blog post by Sylvia Martinez about starting the year with making ( and the… Read more »

What does making in the classroom look like?

The 2014/2015 FabLearn Fellows cohort is a diverse group of 18 educators and makers. They represent eight states and five countries, and work with a wide range of ages at schools, museums, universities and non-profits. Throughout the course of the year, they will develop curriculum and resources, as well as contribute to current research projects. Their… Read more »

Telegraph Project in History

I posted a while ago about the line between instructions and letting students figure it all out, and I said I would report back after I taught the telegraph lesson. I started with a design meeting with our lab director and our tinkerer in residence (yes, I know, it is so cool that I work… Read more »

Making and National History Day

In some ways, National History Day (NHD) is rather “old school,” a science fair style research competition for history. I started requiring my students to participate in NHD because I saw the potential for deep research and thought, a good match with our department history “habits of mind” and a great opportunity for students to… Read more »