Author: Gilson Domingues

Anhembi Morumbi University - Design and architecture school, Brazil - Designer. Middle School, High School and College / University Teacher. Lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Arts degree with interactive mechatronics systems masters research. As a designer develops physical and digital products and interactive systems for interactive games. As a teacher works with prototyping teaching subjects related to rapid prototyping and design methodology. Researcher in rapid prototyping methods of mechanics, structures and electronics.

Make your silicone protector for soldering irons

This article has colaboration of Pietro Domingues. There are many ways to make electronics fast and safely (using conductive inks, kits with magnetic contacts, breadboards, etc). However, the soldering method is still indispensable to definitive PCB assembles and to low cost solutions. But handling the soldering iron may offer some risks to the user, mainly… Read more »

Reproducing/replicating workpieces

This article has colaboration of Pietro Domingues. In this section we will see how to reproduce workpieces using many materials. Some materials we can use at room temperature, such as Plaster of Paris and resin. Other materials must be melted at higher temperatures, such as Tin and Paraffin wax. Plaster of Paris Materials: Plaster (dry… Read more »

How to Make Silicone Molds:

This article has colaboration of Pietro Domingues. Silicone molds are excellent, because they can be used to make complex geometry objects with a low cost. In this section, we will see how to make a silicone mold. Materials: Liquid Silicone + catalyst A container to mix up the silicone A stick Another container, if necessary,… Read more »

The molds of Civilization

This article has colaboration of Pietro Domingues In this section we are going to talk about molding. We introduce talking about its utility and the current methods used in this process. We will explain step-by-step how it is possible to make these molds and how to use the molding process in many types of materials…. Read more »