Author: Angela Sofia Lombardo

Angela Sofia Lombardo is a Constructivist psychologist related to the Italian Constructivist Society (S.C.I) and the Making and Robotics lead for MalpighiLaB, an high school makerspace, in Bologna Italy. She is the co-founder and president of ProgrammaBol, a no-profit organization with the aim to spread in Bologna (Italy) the message that everyone can be active and creative with digital technologies. One of the most important actions of ProgrammaBol, is to run “CoderDojo Bologna”. CoderDojo is a worldwide movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs helping kids form 8 to 18 to express their creativity through digital technologies. Lombardo is also a freelance maker educator for many schools and companies in Italy (H-Farm Education, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna) co-designing school maker-space, designing constructionist learning experiences, helping kids, teachers and educators express themselves creatively, invent new things, learn and have fun with every kind of tools and materials.

Trendy, Educational, or Creative? Solve the robotics kit dilemma!

In 2015 an association of local businesses asked me and some colleagues to organize a robotics after school lab for five different first-grade classes in the Bologna area. Our committee had seen the milkBot, a little robot that combines the  open-source Arduino microcontroller with scrap material, and they wanted to offer a similar creative experience… Read more »

Papert’s 8 BIG IDEAS (Italian translation)

Le 8 grandi idee del Costruzionismo di Papert estratto dalla tesi di dottorato: “An Investigation of Contructionism at the Maine Youth Center” di Gary Stager , 2007   Imparare facendo Quando imparare fa parte di un’esperienza attiva ed interessante, impariamo meglio. Impariamo ancora meglio quando possiamo usare quello che abbiamo appreso per creare qualcosa che ci… Read more »

Physical Computing Team: The Origins

After Sylvia’s private talk with each of us couple of two weeks ago, we (Cassia, Alphonse, Per-Ivar, and Angela) had funnily enough formed a working team, and our first meetup related to Physical Computing took place on Sunday (28th of January 2017).   In our first online meeting we felt very excited to be working… Read more »

Tinkering with Circuits @ CoderDojo Bologna

CoderDojo Bologna is a group of volunteers helping kids from 8 to 18 to express their creativity through digital technologies.  We organize a free coding club almost twice a month on Saturday for 20-40 kids, according of the capacity of the space that hosts us ( public libraries, makerspaces, co-working, research centers..). Since 2013 we… Read more »

Papert’s Predictions

The process of changing the system  through technology is a very actual topic, not only in the education field. As Papert says in his speech  “Perestroika and Epistemological Politics” this is a kind of revolution so radical  that we can definitely call it  megachange. It’s not so difficult to imagine how the work and the… Read more »