Author: Alphonse Habyarimana

Alphonse Habyarimana is the manager & developer of Kepler Tech Lab with the aim to improve and provide hands-on learning experiences for high school students and accelerates innovation through human-centered design, workshops, outreaches, and advising. He is a member of International Development Innovation Network and a fellow at Stanford FabLearn. He holds Bachelor of Arts in Management and Associate of Arts in General Studies with Business Concentration both from Southern New Hampshire University. Prior to joining Kepler in the summer of 2014, Alphonse has studied Electronics and Telecommunication for three years at the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center and earned a professional diploma, A2. At IPRC, he involved in electrical, electronics, and telecommunication workshops which all stimulated his interest in engineering education and digital fabrication. He educates youth to help them acquaint themselves with technical skills and hands-on experiments through STEM courses and independent projects.

Wood and Metalworking Experience Through Trebuchet Making

Beyond computer programming (Scratch), physical computing (Arduino) and other electronics related concepts, another topic to explore in our workshop with middle-school students at Kepler Tech Lab was about to teach them how to use woodworking and metalworking tools, such hacksaw, drilling machine, etc… through a construction of Trebuchet. A trebuchet is a type of catapult… Read more »

The Tech Lab’s Girls in STEM Education Initiative

What would it take to bridge the gap between girls and boys in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields? It is believed that anyone can create/build things out of his/her creativity, but how can one do it? I think it requires one to be interested and committed to face challenges and celebrate successes if… Read more »

4 Day-Long Facilitator Training

One of the main objectives of Kepler Tech Lab is to get connected with local/corporate organizations to implement practical education in schools or local communities for students to learn by doing and solve critical problems in their communities. After a partnership with Igire Rwanda Organization of providing STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education to… Read more »

Papert’s 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab Translated in Kirundi

Ivyiyumviro 8 nyamukuru vyinyegeje inyuma ya Constructionist Learning Lab Iciyumviro cambere nyamukuru ni kwigira mubikorwa. Kenshi na kenshi twiga neza mugihe twiga ivyo twumva dukunze. Kukaba nkako, twiga neza cane mugihe turiko dukoresha ivyo twize mugukora ikintu dushaka kugerako. Ikindi ciyumviro cakabiri nuko ubuhinga nk’igikoresho co kwubaka. Mugihe tuzi ko ubuhinga bukoreshwa mugukora ibintu, bisigura… Read more »

Papert’s 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab Translated in Kinyarwanda

Ibitekerezo 8 nyamukuru kubyerekeye Constructionist Learning Lab   Igitekerezo cya mbere cy’iremezo ni Kwiga unakora. Twese twiga neza iyo bijyanye no gukora ikintu kidushimisha. Twiga neza cyane iyo twize dushaka gukora ikintu dushaka. Igitekerezo cya kabiri cy’iremezo ni Ikoranabuhanga nk’igikoresho cyubaka. Niba ushobora gukoresha ikoranabuhanga gukora ibintu, wakora byinshi bishimishije, ukanahigira byinshi. Ni ko kuri… Read more »

Papert’s 8 Big Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab Translated in Swahili

Just want to share 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab in Swahili. At least, Est Africa Community and other Swahili speakers can learn more about the concepts of constructionism. Mnamo mwaka 1999, Seymour Papert, baba wa elimu ya kiteknolojia, alianzisha utafiti katika mradi wake alipotengeneza maabara ya ujenzi uliojaa teknolojia, kimradi zaidi, ya-kikarne… Read more »

How do You Feel Working in a Team?

Working in a team makes me feel like I am working at my best because I use to have feelings that I am surrounded by great people (teammates) who can lend me a hand when things get harder and harder, learn new things from them, and share our best practices. Great thanks to Angela who… Read more »

How Do you Get Young Students Used to New Concepts?

Kepler Tech Lab and its middle-high school students who take after-school engineering classes and workshops have had epic November and December of 2016! Wow, I cannot imagine it’s been two months teaching young students! It was an extraordinary experience to get young students with zero knowledge about engineering and tinkering with things get started with experimenting… Read more »

From Doughs Into Creations

8th graders who have been taking engineering classes at Kepler Tech Lab surprised me when I came prepared to give them all I had, but kids completely changed learning outcomes I was hoping for them. I still wonder why I am using the doughs in any context; they are good and helped me define how… Read more »

Basic Engineering Skills Meet Young Students in Developing World of the 21st Century

UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova mentioned in the 11th annual Education for All global monitoring report that “poor quality [of education] is holding back learning even for those who make it to school.” (Provost, 2014). This is about literacy, though. What about fabrication and making? The remaining question to answer is: how can we get millions… Read more »