Author: Aaron Vanderwerff

Lighthouse Community Charter School, United States - Aaron is the Creativity Lab Coordinator at a public, K-12 school in Oakland, CA.

Overview – Lighthouse Creativity Lab

Recently I was tasked (or really I tasked myself) with creating a writeup of our program at our (Lighthouse Creativity Lab) website.  When I heard  there were questions about embedding making and a maker mindset into standards based curriculum, I thought I would share my writeup here.  In addtion to this overview, we have narratives… Read more »

Hey Kids – Follow the Directions!

Four years ago at a Young Makers meeting, a parent-mentor told the group, “Following directions is not making.” When I recently saw the same sentiment on a post or tweet, it made me think about our practice at the Lighthouse Creativity Lab and when following directions is making. We can place most making projects &… Read more »

Funds of Knowledge

Both Papert and Freire truly resonate with much of what I find myself thinking and talking about when I think about my own philosophy of teaching; it has been refreshing to read both of these reflections on education and think about how they reflect my own thoughts and practices. The video that Susanna shared also… Read more »