An open source and Low Cost all in one computer

 Pi-COMP is a all-in-one computer composed of a central unit ( Raspberry Pi) interconnected with a flat screen from recycled computers .

The objective of this project is to design and build a low-cost computer replicable locally and easily. Since computers are still expensive for most of users in developping countries, Pi-COMP is a Low Cost and OpenSource solutions to tackle this issue.


To meet this objective, we will need the following tools :
– RaspBerry Pi which is a small OpenSource and low cost computer.
– Recycled Flat computer screens (which are abundant in most African countries and cheap)


Hacking the screen to connect it with the Raspberry PI, fan, and power supplier InPut and OutPut

Once we have thesedevices in hand, the next step is to incorporate the screen and the Raspberry PI into a single container (made if wood– polywood or other relevant materials). These can also be find easily in Africa. Once these devices are assembled and operationalized, Pi-Comps can be installed at local libraries, schools, bookstore, homes, cyberspace, Fablabs, Video game centers, Offices, etc. They can be connected with local data server and internet so that users can develop their IT skills, creativity and imagination.


Back cover with fan


PI-COMP can be manufactured in any FabLab, Hackersapce, Maker Spaces…everywhere with minimum material and ressources.

Ready to be used

The problem I am trying to solve is digital divide and access to technology resources in Africa. There is still a limited access to computers given its high cost for most consumers in Africa.

PI-COMP will democratize technologies. It will help African kids & students acquire IT skills. They will then be able to unlock their creativity and contribute to their community well-being.
The project should be documented and licensed (Creative Common – CC BY SA) to make it available to as many people as possible in Africa and around the world. Pi-Comp was first prototyped at the DefkoaKniep Fablab (Dakar, Senegal). I would like to rethink the design process by simplifying it.