Safoura Seddighin

Safoura is the co-founder of “fabinnov”, the first educational fablab in Iran, located in the city of Isfahan. As the manager of the educational outreach program of the fablab (named “fabinnov skills school”), she and her team design, develop and implement programs and products that would slowing spread the maker culture and innovative learning practices considering the context of education in Iran.
During her 14 years of stay in the US, she studied and worked in designing, implementing and using new technologies for human development and related fields.
“fabinnov” serves both the industrial and educational sections. “fabinnov skills school” activities are designed based on two main lines which are mostly missing from the formal educational system: “joy of making and courage” and “digital design and fabrication”. The mission is to expose the students from elementary to college years, to the layers and paths of developmentally appropriate educational concepts and mediums, in a way that would lead to them becoming the capable individuals who are able to use fablab among other ways, to turn ideas into realities. The fablab is slowly becoming a model node for many informal and formal educational settings in Iran that are trying to rise from years of damaging the spirit of real learning.

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