Nadine Abu Tuhaimer

A computer engineer and the manager of Jordan’s first fabrication laboratory, FabLab Irbid.
Believing in the importance of spreading the maker movement across Jordan & the Middle East, Nadine leads the educational aspect of the FabLab to promote the learning through doing methodology.
Emanating from her belief that access to quality education is a human right, the importance of democratizing education and providing equal opportunities for all, Nadine led on a project sponsored by Orange to build a Fablab on the move.
The Mobile FabLab tours the different governorates of Jordan and provides digital fabrication training to marginalized communities.
The aim is to bridge the gap between the outcomes of traditional forms of education and market needs by providing hands-on practical training on various topics such as: Parametric 3D Design, Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing, IOT….etc.
Something she believes is crucial to ensure sustainable economic growth and decent work opportunities for the youths of tomorrow.
Nadine aims to pave the way for young females to participate and engage in fields that are known to be “Male-Dominant” by creating a culture of inclusion to encourage women participation, which is currently being crippled, by social norms, stigma and gender stereotyping.

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