Martin Oloo

Martin Oloo is the founder and managing Director of Fablab Winam and co-founded mSafari Analytics Ltd and Lake Basin Innovation and Investment Week (LBIIW). He currently serves as the Treasurer to Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs. He previously served Arc Kenya as the BoD Chairman and has also served as Executive BoD member representing interest of youths in Mindhine Polytechnic.
Among other programs run by Fablab Winam in collaboration with other technical institutions, he runs Fabkids activities which gives children opportunities to learn by doing hands-on skills on STEAM (crafts, robotics and digital fabrication). This is done in collaboration with Fab Lat Kids where annual Global Kids Day (GKD) focusing on a given culture is hosted. He has been leading the Kids Hackathon by LBIIW, local Fabkids at Korando Educational Centre and the GKDs.
Martin is a Social Worker, maker, Entrepreneur and an enabler with the background in Digital Fabrication, Social Work and currently a student of Project Management.
Martin is so passionate about finding local solutions by engaging local people to build their own solutions to local challenges by advocating for local manufacturing.

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