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Middle School Sewing Elective Version 2

I co-teach a sewing elective for middle school students. This is the second version, the first ended in some frustration, so we stopped offering it for a while, and I went on to be part of other electives. This year we resurrected the idea, and I am co teaching with a colleague (great fun, and… Read more »

FabLearn webinar with guest Tony Perry of the Lehmlson-MIT Invention Education program

We are pleased to share a recent webinar with guest Tony Perry, Invention Education Coordinator at the Lemelson-MIT Program that celebrates outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention. Tony shared the goals of the program and current opportunities for young people in their Invention contests and programs. Justin Brown,… Read more »

“Push Me!” Teaching Paper Electronics to a Crowd with a Switch Sampler

Boston’s Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn is a 16-year-old maker program where annually 36 teens of color to learn, build and then teach 6 different technology, coding, and engineering modules.  Each year our youth teachers engage  700+ children at 30+ community organizations with constructionism-based activities at free 4-week summer STEAM camps.  This blog post offers… Read more »

3 P’s for Constructionist Learning

Studies show that a curious mind is fertile ground for learning, so combining the freedom of play and exploration with more structured learning goals is a more powerful formula than a 100% teacher driven approach to lessons (Gruber, 2014). If you can set aside your notions about what a classroom should sound, smell or look… Read more »

Challenges, Constraints, Competition?

Stick with me, this is a bit of a long story to get to some things I am thinking about in terms of making in the classroom. I can now check one thing off that bucket list, I won a blue ribbon at the San Mateo County Fair. (What, that is not on your bucket… Read more »

FabLearn webinar – What is the “Maker Mindset”?

Watch this FabLearn Fellow webinar. The topic is “Maker Mindset” – what does it mean for modern learning spaces?   This webinar will also be available as part of the FabLearn podcast series Meaningful Making at If you want to have the latest episode of Meaningful Making delivered to your phone / computer the moment it’s released,… Read more »

FabLearn Fellows webinar – guest Gary Stager

Watch this FabLearn Fellow webinar with special guest Gary Stager. Gary spoke on the topic of “Constructionism and Teaching.” We covered a lot of ground in this webinar including: constructivism, Seymour Papert, changing teaching practices, what makes a good project, use of kits, documentation, making as more than just “hands-on,” makerspaces vs. classroom integrated making… Read more »