Author: Sylvia Martinez

United States Maker, mom, electrical engineer, game designer, and maybe more.

FabLearn webinar with guest Tony Perry of the Lehmlson-MIT Invention Education program

We are pleased to share a recent webinar with guest Tony Perry, Invention Education Coordinator at the Lemelson-MIT Program that celebrates outstanding inventors and inspires young people to pursue creative lives and careers through invention. Tony shared the goals of the program and current opportunities for young people in their Invention contests and programs. Justin Brown,… Read more »

FabLearn webinar – What is the “Maker Mindset”?

Watch this FabLearn Fellow webinar. The topic is “Maker Mindset” – what does it mean for modern learning spaces?   This webinar will also be available as part of the FabLearn podcast series Meaningful Making at If you want to have the latest episode of Meaningful Making delivered to your phone / computer the moment it’s released,… Read more »

FabLearn Fellows webinar – guest Gary Stager

Watch this FabLearn Fellow webinar with special guest Gary Stager. Gary spoke on the topic of “Constructionism and Teaching.” We covered a lot of ground in this webinar including: constructivism, Seymour Papert, changing teaching practices, what makes a good project, use of kits, documentation, making as more than just “hands-on,” makerspaces vs. classroom integrated making… Read more »

Around the World with the 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab

The FabLearn Fellows have started to create translations of the Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Laboratory by Seymour Papert into various languages. In 1999, Seymour Papert, the father of educational technology, embarked on his last ambitious institutional research project when he created the constructionist, technology-rich, project-based, multi-aged Constructionist Learning Laboratory inside of Maine’s troubled prison… Read more »

8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab

One of the challenges that many FabLearn Fellows face is explaining the concept of constructionism to other educators, volunteers, administrators, parents, and even students! Luckily, we have Seymour Papert to the rescue as he faced this exact situation. In 1999, Seymour Papert, the father of educational technology, embarked on his last ambitious institutional research project when… Read more »

First posts from the 2016 FabLearn Fellows – Inspiration, resources, and confessions

The 2016 Stanford University FabLearn Fellows cohort is getting started on a year long journey of sharing their diverse experiences in  schools, community organizations, and museums. They are educators who serve a variety of age groups and populations in North and South America, Africa, and Europe. They are newcomers and veterans, all devoted to the idea that… Read more »

Pitt Rivers Museum – Oxford England

Hi all, I wanted to share a cool museum experience from my travels. The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, England was one of the most interesting museums I’ve visited in a long time. It’s organized so differenty than anywhere else – by theme, rather than by time, culture, or other more common organizing principles. So… Read more »

Making it real – constructionism comes to life

The 2014/2015 FabLearn Fellows are a diverse group of 18 educators and makers. They represent eight states and five countries, and work with a wide range of ages at schools, museums, universities and non-profits. Throughout the course of the year, they will develop curriculum and resources, as well as contribute to current research projects. Their blogs represent… Read more »