Author: Per-Ivar Kloen

Per-Ivar Kloen has been trained as a biology/science teacher. He teaches at High School De Populier in The Hague, The Netherlands. Inspired by an early issue of the magazine Make, Per-Ivar and his colleagues started to organize monthly Maker evenings for teachers and friends. After a few of those events, he realized that this kind of Making had much potential for the curriculum. They explored the endless possibilities of the maker movement in a wide variety of projects, inside and outside the curriculum and a shift from formal learning to informal is clearly to be seen. Per-Ivar was appointed as Educational Pioneer of the year 2014 in The Netherlands. The flagship project is an after school program in which the students have the freedom to make whatever they want to make in a great Maker Space. The students love this way of working and they are creating amazing things. Per-Ivar is also an active member of the National Platform Maker Education. By organizing working sessions, delivering speeches all over The Netherlands and hosting workshops, he really is an important force to get Making back in the Dutch schools.

Circuit stickers: electronic circuits made of copper tape

Circuit stickers are electronic circuits made of copper tape cut with a vinyl cutter. It’s a very easy and extremely cheap way to create your own circuits. In this blog post you will find the information on how to use this technique. Idea The idea to build circuits made with copper tape is not a… Read more »

A makerspace for next to nothing

“How should I start makereducation?”  That is a question MakerEducators hear often. As did my co-Fablearn fellow Josh Ajima. He answers the question on his site: THE MAKERSPACE STARTER KIT. While I was writing this blogpost Autodesk’s website was published. A website which – as you might probably guess – answers the posed question… Read more »

What do they Learn?

The FabLearn conference in October 2016 signaled that Maker Education is ready for the next phase. After lots of try-outs, freedom and pleasure it’s time to face the difficult questions. How does Making in education fit into a set curriculum? When you read Papert, or ask Gary Stager, then the answer is clear. Both Papert… Read more »