4 Day-Long Facilitator Training

One of the main objectives of Kepler Tech Lab is to get connected with local/corporate organizations to implement practical education in schools or local communities for students to learn by doing and solve critical problems in their communities. After with Igire Rwanda Organization to provide STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education to beneficiaries, the tech lab hosted teacher training with Pivot Academy of Mothering Across Continents to train a team of facilitators who will be training students in Southern Province of Rwanda.

Are you wondering what Pivot Academy and Mothering Across Continents? Mothering Across Continents is a not for profit organization that provides “[consultancy], coaching and mentoring [students] to develop dream projects that help raise tomorrow’s leaders. Pivot Academy is a MAC program that creates “awareness of the need for and value of STEM Education, coupled with ICT (Information Communication Technology).”


Kepler Tech Lab hosted 4 day-long teacher training programs with Mothering Across Continents‘ Pivot Academy to train their 17 facilitators plus 5 lab staff. The trainees, except 3 of 5 lab staff, were prepared to training senior 4 students (10th-grade students) from four high schools, the fifth not yet confirmed, in Southern Province of Rwanda and at least 511 students will be trained during the course of the month of July 2017.

The trainings were about performing experiments such as water filtration/solar desalination, solar dehydrator, zeer pots, and food preservation (putting food in different solutions such as salt, vinegar, sugar, etc.., to maintain their expiration dates).

Facilitators were trained to help students performing the same experiments but focusing on the principle of Design Thinking. The students will also be provided with STEM and ICT Education in ways that move away from textbook-driven memorization to approaches that are more student-centered and focus on problem-solving.

What MAC for Pivot Academy and Kepler Tech Lab have in common?

Apart from implementing practical education and introducing the principle of Design Thinking (Design Circle for Pivot Academy) to help students solve critical problems in their communities and possibly explore business opportunities around their creations, the two organizations have a lot in common. Should I mention one them? Well, Kepler Tech Lab and Pivot Academy are looking for making the world a better place to live by addressing a challenge at the OpenIDEO: How might we improve educational outcomes for children and youth —particularly girls— in emergency situations? http://bit.ly/2tyi4bUis Kepler Tech Lab idea of introducing maker education lab in refugee camps due to our past experience teaching Kiziba Refugee students. http://bit.ly/2ttNJKz is Pivot Academy’s idea of Replicating a High School STEM Teacher Training and Student Academy through an Online Platform and Tablet Technology. The good news is that all ideas are in review and you can support them by first creating an account at https://openideo.com/ if not any, open each idea, then comment and like.