Month: February 2017

Papert’s 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab Translated in Kirundi

Ivyiyumviro 8 nyamukuru vyinyegeje inyuma ya Constructionist Learning Lab Iciyumviro cambere nyamukuru ni kwigira mubikorwa. Kenshi na kenshi twiga neza mugihe twiga ivyo twumva dukunze. Kukaba nkako, twiga neza cane mugihe turiko dukoresha ivyo twize mugukora ikintu dushaka kugerako. Ikindi ciyumviro cakabiri nuko ubuhinga nk’igikoresho co kwubaka. Mugihe tuzi ko ubuhinga bukoreshwa mugukora ibintu, bisigura… Read more »

Papert’s 8 Big Ideas of the Constructionist Learning Lab Translated in Kinyarwanda

Ibitekerezo 8 nyamukuru kubyerekeye Constructionist Learning Lab   Igitekerezo cya mbere cy’iremezo ni Kwiga unakora. Twese twiga neza iyo bijyanye no gukora ikintu kidushimisha. Twiga neza cyane iyo twize dushaka gukora ikintu dushaka. Igitekerezo cya kabiri cy’iremezo ni Ikoranabuhanga nk’igikoresho cyubaka. Niba ushobora gukoresha ikoranabuhanga gukora ibintu, wakora byinshi bishimishije, ukanahigira byinshi. Ni ko kuri… Read more »

Miniature Golf Course

Recently, I worked with a group of primary students (Kindergarten-2nd grade) to create a miniature golf course. Each student was in charge of creating a hole for the course. The first week, students were each given a large sheet of corrugated plastic, but cardboard would also work well for this. Students mapped out their plans,… Read more »

Meaningful Making: Podcast Workflow.

Over the past two months, the FabLearn Fellows have been quietly working behind the scenes to develop a podcast that we hope will spotlight the work of maker-educators from around the world, share constructionist best practices, and help us connect more meaningfully with each other and all of you. We’re calling it Meaningful Making because we want our… Read more »

Introducing basic computer science to K-12 students in Dakar


As mentioned in my last post, I am actually working on “Hands-on and heads-in ” learning program with K-12 students in the scope of the Cheikh Anta Diop FabLab Académie, “The mobile FabLab”. Started 4 weeks ago, let me show you some results of what we have been doing so far. School 1 : ”TIERNO… Read more »

Papert’s 8 BIG IDEAS (Italian translation)

Le 8 grandi idee del Costruzionismo di Papert estratto dalla tesi di dottorato: “An Investigation of Contructionism at the Maine Youth Center” di Gary Stager , 2007   Imparare facendo Quando imparare fa parte di un’esperienza attiva ed interessante, impariamo meglio. Impariamo ancora meglio quando possiamo usare quello che abbiamo appreso per creare qualcosa che ci… Read more »

Making the Buttons

One of the surprise hits of our makerspace this year has been the humble button maker. When we were setting up all the new equipment and tools in our renovated CTE classroom, we ran across an old button maker sitting neglected in a storage closet. Luckily, we also found a box of button parts. The button… Read more »

3D Printing Rosa Parks

I’ve written before about the lack of models related to African American History and Culture in my posts 3D Printing Martin Luther King, Jr. and Looking for African American History on Thingiverse. The lack of models is a great opportunity for students to contribute designs. Things are improving slightly this year with Thingiverse featuring both an… Read more »

Papert’s 8 big ideas traslated to Catalan

8 grans idees darrere del Laboratori Construccionista d’Aprenentatge Extracte de la tesi doctoral “An Investigation of Contructionism at the Maine Youth Center? de Gary Stager 2007. La primera gran idea és aprendre fent. Tots aprenem millor quan l’aprenentatge és una part del fer alguna cosa que ens sembla realment interessant. Aprenem de la millor manera… Read more »

Physical Computing Team: The Origins

After Sylvia’s private talk with each of us couple of two weeks ago, we (Cassia, Alphonse, Per-Ivar, and Angela) had funnily enough formed a working team, and our first meetup related to Physical Computing took place on Sunday (28th of January 2017).   In our first online meeting we felt very excited to be working… Read more »