Month: November 2016

Introducing to the procedural Design

“ProcJam (For Procedural Jam) is defined as “an international “game jam” where people make things that make things. These “things” can be software that generates images, stories, or game levels. They could also be physical projects, such as a board game with dynamic layout, a wind chime (thing that makes music), or a set of… Read more »

Diving In.

I never learned to swim. I can vaguely float. I can blow bubbles and tilt my head to breathe. I can wrap my body in a pool noodle and kick mightily until I’ve splashed myself breathless. But I can’t put it all together and swim a casual lap. It’s not for lack of trying. My parents enrolled me… Read more »


Although I choose not to bring it up often, I have a confession to make. You see, when I started considering teaching as a career years ago, my passion was to be a physical education teacher. So, being the goal-orientated person I am, I got my undergrad and graduate degree in physical education. I got… Read more »

Experimenting the power of Hands-on-learning

When I started working as a FabLab member and then as a FabLab manager, I never thought that it will be such a great experience in term of leadership, professional and personal development. My journey as an “African Fablaber” started 4 years ago as a volunteer with an NGO in Lomé (Togo). I used to… Read more »

Thinking about 3d Geographical Representations

As a history teacher, I work with maps. I work with students to see how maps can help them understand events. I work with students to read maps. And I work with students to help them make maps.  As we look toward one of the big projects of the 8th grade year, National History Day,… Read more »

Papert’s Predictions

The process of changing the system  through technology is a very actual topic, not only in the education field. As Papert says in his speech  “Perestroika and Epistemological Politics” this is a kind of revolution so radical  that we can definitely call it  megachange. It’s not so difficult to imagine how the work and the… Read more »


I need help! My maker projects are in chaos. Three years of designing, making and sharing 3D designs and makered projects have left my computer files and basement workshop in a mess. I’ve always been a packrat (collector?). When I first started building computers and working in TechEd, having the right cable or spare part was important…. Read more »

My FabLearn Fellow Application

Here is my FabLearn Fellow application which I’m posting as a reference for a reflection piece at the end of the fellowship. It might also be useful for folks interested in applying for the program in the future. The FabLearn Fellows application itself was fairly straight forward requesting basic contact and job info as well as… Read more »

Parrot Minidrones, Tickle & Tynker: A Lesson in Edtech Economics

We have been using the now-discontinued Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrones in my district for a few years now. They do not require FAA registration, are relatively inexpensive, amazingly durable, easy to program and fun to fly.  As you can see in the photo at left, these devices can really captivate and engage learners of all ages as… Read more »

OK Go takes it cue from Peter Fischli & David Weiss

In 1988 I found this video at SFMOMA. I’ve been using it in classes every year, every since. It is the precursor to OK Go’s wonderful performance pieces. They are resonant of maker curiosity……performance well choreographed with color, anticipation, and narrative….and physics! Der Lauf Der Dinge (The Way Things Go) – Peter Fischli & David… Read more »