Month: April 2015

Maker research: instruments for efficacy and visual spatial skills

Shaunna Smith, Ed.D. is an Assistant Professor of Educational Technology at Texas State University who I met at the Maker Ed Summit in Arizona last fall. She has been facilitating art + math makercamps for middle school girls with a focus on impacts to their efficacy and visual spatial skills. They use the Revised Purdue Spatial Visualization Tests:… Read more »

My Visit to the ‘Iolani School

Aloha! During Spring Break I spent one week visiting The ‘Iolani School, a K-12 private school with over 1800 students in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was fortunate to be invited by their Head of School, Dr. Timothy Cottrell, to attend some classes, teach a few workshops, and meet with his talented technology team. This school has… Read more »

FabLab and Its Learning Dynamic (Part 2)

Part 2: People and Relationship as Learning Assets in FabLab (Thank you again to Ms. Angi Chau and Ms.Heather Pang for having me to visit and observe your wonderful work at Bourn Idea Lab at Castilleja School.) Looking closely, the physical objects and setting of both the BI Lab or the soap carving classroom is just… Read more »

FabLab and Its Learning Dynamic (Part 1)

I have been observing and stydying about “FabLab” idea by tracing back to its original ideas, practices and theories behind this new leanring interactions. I observed the FabLabs, Maker’s Labs and some independent labs in the past few years and had done some interviews with teachers, lab manager, lab director who run the labs.  I… Read more »

The Culture of Making – FabLearn Fellows March 2015 Blogs

The 2014/2015 FabLearn Fellows cohort is a diverse group of 18 educators and makers. They represent eight states and five countries, and work with a wide range of ages at schools, museums, universities and non-profits. Throughout the course of the year, they will develop curriculum and resources, as well as contribute to current research projects. Their… Read more »

Earth Day- Free Upcycling Curriculum

Earth Day 2015 is coming so celebrate it by having your students upcycle!  And to help you out, I’m giving you a free upcycling curriculum. Here are the 4 easy steps: Download the free Design Case Curriculum PDFs using this link. (I’m making this opensource under the creative commons now so feel free to pass… Read more »