Month: February 2015

Global Space Balloon- Engaging Kids in Something Big

It may be snowing right now but that doesn’t mean that my kids are idle by any means…. We’ve only got 6 weeks left until we launch a balloon to space!  Yup, that’s right its Global Space Balloon Challenge time!  If you haven’t heard about this great project, or just want to know more then… Read more »

Making and the Reggio Emilia Approach: Making the Connection

The following post was written by Jamie Bartels in responce to attending the Invent to Learn: Reggio Emilia workshop offered by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez at the Marymount School in New York City on February 12, 2015. He attended both as a student of early education and as newly appointed Maker Space coordinator for… Read more »

Overview – Lighthouse Creativity Lab

Recently I was tasked (or really I tasked myself) with creating a writeup of our program at our (Lighthouse Creativity Lab) website.  When I heard  there were questions about embedding making and a maker mindset into standards based curriculum, I thought I would share my writeup here.  In addtion to this overview, we have narratives… Read more »

Documenting a project using a “failures box”

At Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, I worked with 6 groups this year from primary school to high school, each one with a different project. Consequently a lot of prototypes are hanging around the fabLAB. In order to keep the lab not too messy I decided to have each group fabricate stackable boxes… Read more »

FabLearn Fellows Blogs – Maker Teachers Make It Work

The 2014/2015 FabLearn Fellows cohort is a diverse group of 18 educators and makers. They represent eight states and five countries, and work with a wide range of ages at schools, museums, universities and non-profits. Throughout the course of the year, they will develop curriculum and resources, as well as contribute to current research projects…. Read more »