Month: July 2014

FabLearn Fellows at CMK

I am still reflecting on the many wonderful exeperinces at CMK, but I thought I would post a photo: 6 of us in the same room!  

Alternative Assessments and Feedback in a MakerEd Classroom

The Rapid Growth of “Maker Education” Programs According to Google Trends (see photo), a new term came into existence and quickly became synonymous with progressive education and a resurgence of STEAM education in America. That term is maker education, or makered for short, and can be seen in the graph as “born” according to google… Read more »

Hooray for group work!

To an educator, summer brings much needed time for slowing down, reflection, and professional development. I had the opportunity to travel to NH to attend a most unusual, “minds-on” institute where you hang out with interesting maker educators and take the time to explore your ideas. Constructing Modern Knowledge began with a preview of the… Read more »

Building a bici-blender

What’s the one type of transport you can find in any part of the world? A bike? That’s right. Now Foondi  Workshops is rethinking how we can use bicycles in emerging markets where access to reliable and affordable energy remains out a reach for thousands of people. Foondi held a hands-on design workshop on building a… Read more »