Month: June 2014

I made Brogan’s Box

I finally got around to making Brogan’s cool box. And I got it together only braking one bit. The first picture shows the box starting to go together.   The second photo shows the clip piece, and my one hint is to squeeze the sides before tying to put them into the assembly.   The… Read more »

Resource Guides – Questions to Guide Next Steps

Hi Fellows, I know that you are all in various states of completion of your guides, along with various states of finishing up your school years. What I’d like to propose we do next on the resource guides is to attempt to have a conversation about next steps. Since the blog post notification is working,… Read more »


In a week I’ll be presenting, together with L. Arias a short paper at Fablearn Europe.  This is an extract I like to share with you Fellows. Abstract In this paper, we describe an ongoing education programme promoted by LABoral Art Centre that uses digital fabrication and ¨making¨ in order to produce methodological change in… Read more »

Machines Gone Wild! Physical Programming with Cam-Driven Mechanisms

Here at Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn, we have been developing a new physical programming activity called “Machines Gone Wild!” that helps our youth learn about mechanical engineering with mechanisms and physical programming with Arduinos. So many of our youth “think with their hands” while building and last year we found that none of… Read more »

Resource Guide Peer Review

Hi FabLearn Folks! I went through the resource guides this weekend and made a few comments. I see that many of you have adopted the “overview” page so I tried to make most of my comments on those pages. For some of you, there is still no place to start, we have a collection of… Read more »