Month: April 2014

Experimenting with Self-Reflection and Feedback

I have been making plans for student reflection and group self-assessment in an end-of the year project. For two years, I have ended 8th grade history with a project that brings together two things we have looked at through the year: individuals who make a difference and historical monuments. The students have finished their research… Read more »

The Role of Peer Assessment in a Maker Classroom

Background   When I first started using a problem based curriculum in science I admit that I had no idea what to expect. Moreover, I had only a vague idea of how I was going to assess my students. As an academic teacher, I am required to give my students a letter grade twice a… Read more »

Dialogic: Education for the Internet Age

I have just started Dialogic: Education for the Internet Age by Rupert Wegerif, Professor of Education and Director of Research at the Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter, UK. The author analyzes how  the use of the Internet disrupts the traditional logic of print-based education by offering an experience of knowledge as participatory and multiple. Before mass print-based education, culture everywhere… Read more »

Progressive Education and Making, a personal reflection

I have been thinking about making and progressive education for a while. We started taking our children to the maker fair years ago, and we have a long history with Peninsula School in Menlo Park, CA. My sister and I attended the school in the 70s from kindergarten to 8th grade, and one of… Read more »

Weeks of April 24 and 31 – Office Hours

Hi all, I’d like to do a couple of “office hours” with guru groups this week and next. And if an hour is too long, I think 30 min is fine too! As Paulo said today in the webinar, we are going to ramp up on this particular task – but with plenty of time… Read more »

What is a fablab in three words plus a strange object

Since I moved my first steps on the maker scene I was interested about what people think about fabLAB/maker space format and how they define it. During FAB5: The Fifth International Fab Lab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication in Pune, India in 2009 I made a mini doc asking people  to define a fabLAB… Read more »

Make Space: Read it.

I’ve been reading Make Space lately and this book has some great ideas on how to layout a design lab.  I have especially enjoyed the authors ideas on what type of furniture to put in the various spaces.  Modified Z-racks, cocktail height prototyping tables and flip-top storage/brainstorming tables have all be inspiring.  I’ve actually taken… Read more »

Makerspace of My Childhood

This essay was written last year for the Learning Creative Learning MOOC at MIT. It was originally posted to my personal blog as a response to Seymor Papert’s classic introduction to Mindstorms, Gears of My Childhood. I thought I might be appropriate to share it here. My First Makerspace Even at the age of seven,… Read more »